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sherlock_search's Journal

Sherlock Search
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This community is designed to help members of the BBC Sherlock fandom to find fic, art, meta, vids, websites.

Please read the following rules before posting:

1. Only posts that are related to the modern BBC version of Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock will be allowed. Posts related to other adaptations will be considered to be off topic and deleted unless you have prior permission from a mod. If you are after something in another version of Sherlock Holmes try holmes_finders.

2. Please check the tags before posting. Chances are that someone else has already looked for the same fic (and received an answer).

3. Please tag your posts. This will make it easier for other members to find similar posts. If your request has been fulfilled please use the *closed tag.

4. Do not screen comments or lock entries. Deleting entries will also not be tolerated.

5. No flaming or bashing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion/preferences even if it is different to yours.

6. Most importantly please be polite. It is nice to thank someone if they have spend time trying to find what you are looking for.

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