Looking for a fic

Hey there!

I'm looking for a fic that I apparently didn't save anywhere and forgot the name of.

It was a Johnlock fic.

John and Sherlock go to investigate a murder at a university. I think it was some jealousy thing and the victims were in the same circle of friends.
There they meet two girls who are almost like two college aged, female copies of them. The girls fall in love and eventually John and Sherlock get together, too (who would have thought xD).

I'm pretty certain I read it on Ao3.

I would appreciate any type of help!

The scotland yard

Okay so i am looking for some fic recs.... Lately i have been in the mood for some content with our favorite yarders...

1. Anything where the yard meets mycroft for the first time.... Or he overhears donovan and anderson calling him a freak.

2. Something happens that makes Donovan and/or Anderson  realize sherlock is more human than they thought.

3. Any of those Johnlock fics where the yard have a betting pool.

4. The yarders and mystrade

John and Mycroft make Sherlock believe that he and John have never met before (gaslighting)

Hi! This is first time posting here, so excuse any errors I may have. But I'm going crazy trying to find a post-Fall fic in which Sherlock wakes up in the hospital and is told by Mycroft that John is only his neighbour, and that Sherlock is not in fact a detective but just delusional. Sherlock insists that Mycroft must be lying so he has Mycroft bring John and John confirms that he really doesn't know Sherlock, and Sherlock is really shocked, because the John he remembers wouldn't lie to him, so he concludes that he (Sherlock) must indeed be losing it. As it turns out, it's all a plan by Mycroft who is just trying to keep Sherlock safe after the fall while he hunts down Moriarty and has kinda forced John to play along. There's also a cat that Sherlock has as a pet, and he is allergic to cats so he doesn't really understand why he has one.
Anyone has any idea what the fic is? I can't believe I lost it. Thanks!

Johnlock fics

Hi! This is my first time here so i hope I'm doing this right!

I am looking for any fics where john and sherlock were dating/married before john went to war and one day,  somehow the yard finds out that john exists...

Here is am example: https://archiveofourown.org/works/9182254

(Can be Donovan&Anderson positive or not)

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[TW] Fic where Sherlock/Will was abused by uncle & Sherlock/John/Lestrade sickfic

I made an account just to find these two radically different fics that I loved:

1. Sherlock, who goes by the name Will, recounts living at his uncle's house as a child who sexually abuses him. He writes Mycroft in college about it, but Microft misunderstands. Sherlock runs away and lives in a shack in the countryside before he gets sick and found. Meanwhile Mycroft uncovers the truth. Sherlock jumps out of a hospital window in fear that his uncle is coming to get him. This was Lestrade's first case, Anderson is horrified to learn this. This was a long Fic.

2. I think there were "clocks" in the title. John, Lestrade and Sherlock all live together. Lestrade has a heart murmur, comes down with the flu, and hallucinates that the clocks in the house are melting. John and Sherlock take care of him. This was a one shot but I think had other fics in the series.

*Found* Lestrade helps suicidal John

I'm looking for a fic where John is suicidal and Lestrade helps him.
I remember that Lestrade gave John his number and said to ring if he ever needed help.
And then in a later part John finds a dead body when he's on a roof and Lestrade says something about hopping down and John replies that it isn't the best thing to say to a suicidal person.
I can't remember if John and Sherlock had already met but I think it was unlikely.
I'm pretty sure it was on ao3 or ff.net
If anyone could find it I'd be so grateful!

Found on ao3!
Different Paths, Same Story

LF long angsts Johnlock

Hi all

I’m looking for a super long angsts Johnlock post-Reichenbach. They used to be in a relationship and now that Sherlock is back, he is desperate to be back in John’s life. There’s a scene where he ends up on his knees at John’s apartment; another scene where they meet for coffee and it doesn’t go very well; another scene where he gives John a brick towards a war memorial thing for his birthday.... it is a super slow burn back to them getting back together - incredibly well written and in about seven parts I believe. It ends with them back together.

It is also I believe a classic and I’ll head desk when one of you recognizes it immediately. Thanks so much!!

batman/joker, complete
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Mycroft and Lestrade take care of adult Sherlock

Hi - I’ve been looking for a fic where Mycroft and Lestrade act as parents for an adult Sherlock, who had been traumatized or injured in some way. I’m pretty sure it was on Ao3 but I can’t find it. I think it was Mystrade and they were living together.

If this rings a bell, or you know of something similar, please help me out. Thanks!!