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31 May 2016 @ 01:43 am
It's a fic on ff.net, finished. John comes home to find Sherlock about to use again, and is seriously pissed off. Leading to instead of John attacking him, its really angry sex. And at the end Sherlock thinks John is leaving but he didn't.
I think I read it on AO but for the life of me I can't find it again.

It starts with gifts appearing on Lestrade's desk that are from Mycroft. One is a coat that he accepts. Then Lestrade tends to say no to those gifts, and even tells one of the delivery persons to take the gifts back. The delivery person takes some convincing. I think even Anthea brought one of those gifts.

Lestrade is still married but his wife asks for seperation and Lestrade moves out but he is not ready for a divorce. The wife then changes her mind because she doesnðt want to be alone and Lestrade moves in again. Lestrade has 2 siblings, a brother and a sister who both have kids. Lestrade and his wife do not have kids (I am almost certain I am remembering that right).

Lestrade tells the brother, I think is named David? about Mycroft and his gifts and he is supportive of their relationship, as is their sister. One scene is where Lestrade has Mycroft for dinner and the duo show up unannounced to check Mycroft out.

Mycroft and Lestrade's relationship move a bit slowely and then Mycroft changes his mind and breaks them up. But eventually they get together.

Does anyone recognise this story? It is pretty long and I think it is at least 2 parter or even a 3 parter serie.
27 May 2016 @ 03:03 am
Please help, I'm pretty sure these are two stories and hosted on AO3. The first is a very long, detailed and angsty accounting of Mary shooting Sherlock, his recovery, and the fallout. I remember there are a few illustrations and Sherlock spends a lot of time in his Mind Palace with Moriarty, and sometimes Molly, fighting his way back to consciousness. He gets better but has major relapses two or three times. The main doctor is an older gentleman and at first thinks John and Sherlock are married. He consults John about Sherlock's chances and his treatments and things. There's a part about being trapped in his Mind Palace and looking out through the windows and it's raining which means that John is crying. John is really broken down by Sherlock's setbacks and Mary tries to help, but he's really conflicted. John decides in the end that he can't choose between them and Sherlock says that's fine and so does Mary.

In the sequel Mary is murdered during a lunch date with John at a cafe as they wait for Sherlock to arrive. The shooting is another in a series of "random" murders, but Sherlock figures out that Magnussen set up a plan to avenge himself on retired women assassins in case he was ever killed. Lady Smallwood and another woman whose identity was acquired later in life (like Mary's) were the previous victims. Mycroft tells him not to go after the assassin to look after John who is completely losing it pyschologically - having lost his wife and daughter and was already weakened by months of dealing with Sherlock's setbacks. He's suicidal. Mycroft convinces John to check into a mental hospital because Sherlock isn't well enough to care for him, but that's a disaster. Sherlock brings him home and they commit to being well together. The doctor from the first story has become a friend and also wants to help.

The first story is very long. The second is a WiP I think. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I'd like to read them again. Thanks!
Hey guys!

I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago involving Sherlock being paralyzed from around the waist down. He and John stay in some sort of house by the beach while he recovers and there's a lot of angst & hurt/comfort as they realize their love for each other. They get married in the end and he regains enough function to walk down the aisle with the help of Molly and some crutches...

I remember this fic being really lovely and I haven't been able to find it anywhere! If anyone knows the name of it/where I could find it, it'd be greatly appreciated!
08 May 2016 @ 04:23 pm
Hello Everyone,

Please help!

I am looking for a story, which I think was on AO3. Here is what I recall:

• It starts with Lestrade spending Christmas day with Sherlock.

• Sherlock is pining over John who is in a serious and happy relationship with Mary.

• Somehow, Lestrade and Sherlock end up sleeping together on Christmas day and from there it develops into a relationship.

• Things go wrong as Lestrade becomes concerned that he is second choice to Sherlock's true love John. Lestrade is convinced his relationship with Sherlock is purely about sex and refuses to meet up with Sherlock.

• Sherlock confides in John that he is in a relationship with someone, and John guesses that it is Lestrade.

• Sherlock and Lestrade have certain days that they meet up on. I think it is Tuesdays and Thursdays???

• When Sherlock tries to win Lestrade back, he does so by bringing him takeaway and spending time with him at NSY???
07 May 2016 @ 12:31 pm
I am looking for any stories that depict Lestrade as a fatherfigure to Sherlock. Preferably with Lestrade/Mycroft mixed in but that is not a necessary.

But I don't want any stories that have Lestrade/Molly in it. Sorry but I just can't see that relationship :D
06 May 2016 @ 02:08 am
Hey, I need more Mycroft being uber protective of Sherlock fics!! Preferably where he has to lay down the law with John or Mary, but any big brother or protective or badass Mycroft will do. I just need some more! Thanks :)
03 May 2016 @ 02:53 pm
Hi folks,

I'm looking for the first in a series of I think five shorter fics, with an established John/Sherlock relationship. Each fic explores a different fantasy. In this one, they're in France I think and having a picnic (there's wine) and Sherlock is telling John about a fantasy he has/had where he (Sherlock) is being "taken" by several French farmers at the same time. I don't remember much about it at all... but I feel like in the fantasy, Sherlock has a bike?

Anyone? Thanks so much!

03 May 2016 @ 01:43 pm

I have forgotten any helpful details about a fic I really enjoyed. I recall that John and Sherlock were traveling the world but I'm not sure if they were being pursued or if they were looking for Moriarty.

What I do recall is this scene: John and Sherlock are staying at a lovely beach villa and happen across a friendly couple (male and female) who offer them scuba lessons, which they accept. A few days later on a trip into town, they encounter this couple again under mildly suspicious circumstances. So they return to the villa, pack their belongings and leave in a hurry.

I hope someone knows this fic because I'd like to read it again. It is pre-Reichenbach, and is developing relationship.

Thank you very much!

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03 May 2016 @ 01:28 pm
I just read all seven fics with Moriarty!John tag on AO3 and I want more. Would you be so kind and point me in the direction of more fics with this intriguing idea? Pretty please with cherry on the top.
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