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25 October 2016 @ 07:56 pm
This is an idea I've liked for quite a while now, but I've never been able to find any fanfictions for it, or if I have, they have the idea that his life as Sherlock's a lie or John is imaginary, etc.
In the episode where Sherlock comes back from the Reichenbach Fall, he goes to a crime scene- if I remember correctly, it was a Jack The Ripper type case?- but during it he hears John's voice, 'show off' 'jealous?' 'smart arse' 'you forgot to put your collar up' and all.

I've really wanted a fic where Sherlock combed back- or always was- schizophrenic, either just random voices or John's- as if he had thought of/imagined/visualised or whatever- John during the rough times in his two years away.
If you know any like that, that would be great, thank you!
25 October 2016 @ 12:08 am
Lord, all I remember was a longish slashy retelling of The Empty House where they are camped out waiting on Moran to make a move. It was ACD Holmes I must have read around 2007. Any and all help will be appreciated.
24 October 2016 @ 02:56 pm
I'm looking for a fic in which the whole Reichenbach Fall is John's idea. Or if it wasn't actually his brainchild, he helped to plan it, and they also planned ways for John to (very carefully) visit Sherlock a few times during his mission. Thanks!
24 October 2016 @ 01:25 pm
Hi everyone,

My friend is totally frustrated because she is having trouble finding a couple of stories. Usually I'm able to help, but unfortunately I havent been able to come up with anything.

Story #1: Time travel AU, sort of has a Butterfly Effect feel to it. Sherlock acquires a time machine (or something like it) from Mycroft. It may have to do with a mission relating to Moriarty. Anyways, there's a timeline in which Sherlock is disfugured, one where he's raped, and John also dies in a few timelines. A doctor from Baskerville helps Sherlock with the time traveling.

Story #2: John is a veteran and he reads In Flanders Field during a memorial on Poppy/Remembrance Day. Greg attends it and he has a teenage son, and Mrs Hudson, Mycroft and Sherlock are also there. She recalls Greg's son asking why Jobn can't wear his uniform and Sherlock ends up dragging him off.

Thank you all in advance!
21 October 2016 @ 09:53 pm
Looking for any fics along these lines, preferably not just one-shots but it'll do if that's all.

1) John/Lestrade/Mycroft/Mrs. Hudson (any of them or all) being there for Sherlock? If it's through a relapse or in grief or a depression episode or if he's injured and has to cope with a new way of things or whatever.

2) A fic of Sherlock watching John fall in love and only then realising he does in fact love John. And how Lestrade/the yard react/help/belittle him when they realise just how heartbroken he is. And, if possible, John and Sherlock eventually getting together.

3) A little fic of Lestrade comforting Sherlock for something- if it's before John came or during, a drug relapse, argument or traumatic memory from Sherlock or just a fatherly/son type thing

4) Donovan, Lestrade or Mycroft preventing Sherlock from committing suicide.

5) Haphephobic Sherlock fics.
19 October 2016 @ 01:37 am
Anyone have any fics along these lines:

1) Sherlock, either due to a case or not, unknowingly starving himself or collapsing, during or after (if after, preferably while still at the crime scene) due to it.

2) Sherlock dealing with an eating disorder.

3) Sherlock being repelled by any food that hasn't been made freshly because he can 'deduce' when it's been made, etc.

4) Sherlock with some disability. From colour blindness, blind in one eye, deaf, epileptic, having a serious fear of being touched (as in, screaming, freezing, etc when touched), amputee, etc.

5) In which Sherlock either saves Donovan or Anderson, or they/one of them save him, or see him as a 'good man' that Lestrade sees him, or 'human' with emotions and such

Anything like these would be great, thanks!
18 October 2016 @ 12:23 am
It has John moving in with Sherlock, werewolves are known and have tags that identify how potentially dangerous they are. Sherlock didn't know till he entered John's room after he locked himself in for the night. Sherlock was nervous and tried to leave (and close the door) but John wanted to explore the flat (and chew the furniture making Sherlock squeak like prey).
I think it was gen and am exhausted looking through so many werewolf John stories. Please, does anyone remember this one? Thank you.
12 October 2016 @ 10:58 am
Its rather long. John is s hunter but doesn't hunt vamps and lives with Sherlock who is a vampire. Also mycroft/lestrade. And vampire mummy also makes an appearance.

Anyone recognise this?
05 October 2016 @ 10:05 pm
Okay, I'm looking for any fics of any of these plot lines- long story short, I need to stop watching a variety of edits.
But yeah, anything along any of these lines:

1) Sherlock is slowly but heavily falling in love with John (who is married to Mary then, or seemingly not interested or oblivious etc) and even he doesn't realise it at the beginning. Eventually it gets obvious and Lestrade, Molly, Mrs. Hudson- hell, even Donovan and Anderson notice this. But it progressively gets worse- John married to Mary, or going out on dates or whatever, and so it's kind of like a fic watching Sherlock fall in love and then fall terribly once he realises/believes he'll never have him. Tears, pity and including Donovan and Lestrade too, at the least. Wouldn't mind Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft or Anderson in it too, though.

2) A crime scene which delves into the Holmes' childhood, and reveals dark secrets which had been buried for years. Be it child abuse, past non-con, or suicidal stuff. Again, preferably involving Lestrade and Donovan at the least, Mycroft and Anderson wouldn't be terrible additions.

3) Moments where people see Sherlock as the human being he is- be it Sherlock sacrificing for others, saving others, playing with children, in love, mourning or heart broken or scared, etc. Again, preferably including more than only John and Sherlock- John has seen more of Sherlock and counts him as human anyway.

4) Sherlock having a complete break down- wether it's a crime scene that brings up bad memories, an old criminal getting under his skin, sensory overload or just breaking down. Tears, shouting and maybe screaming or clawing, I don't know, involved. Again, preferably with more than just John and Sherlock in it.

5) Sherlock crying over the death of Mycroft. Preferably crime scene sort of fic?

6) Things going along the lines of when Molly said 'you look sad, when you think he can't see you.' Wether it's revolving around depression or not, I don't mind. Preferably again containing most characters.

And, I think that's all? For now at least. Anyhow, please comment any following these plots!
04 October 2016 @ 12:53 pm
Does anyone have any good fics where:

1) Sherlock is in love with John, who is kinda oblivious, so Sherlock moves on (after John continuing to be oblivious or having told John the truth and John having refused him), John figures out that he is in love with Sherlock, but by then Sherlock has decided that he no longer loves John or does but decides he can't risk it? Preferably sherlock moves on with Lestrade, but I'm open to whatever.


2) Sherlock comes back after Reichenbach fall and john finds out after beating him up that he was heavily abused while he was away. John feels bad, and realises that he loves Sherlock, but Sherlock doesn't forgive John so easily for not even deigning to listen to his reasoning before hurting him. I'm looking for something along the lines of Selfless Deceit by thesignofserbia (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5592454) but with a harder road to a happy ending or no happy ending at all.