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17 February 2017 @ 09:53 am
Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with some fic recs where Sherlock has enough of being treated badly by John (especially if after the beating) and decides he's done with him and doesn't want to see him anymore. I'd love it if it ends with Johnlock, but I want to see Sherlock standing up for himself.
The only one I've come across that's vaguely similar, if anyone else is interested, is Bloody But Unbowed by Beautifulfiction, which is set post Reichenbach. http://archiveofourown.org/works/990555/chapters/1954960
15 February 2017 @ 12:20 am
It was titled "Why has John become an idiot?" and could originally be found on imdb, az this url. Unfortunately, it has since been removed, and I idiot only saved the url, not the document itself.

Basically, it was an analysis of some sort, showing how John started off as Sherlock's equal, a man with his own abilities and principles, complementing Sherlock wherever Sherlock was lacking and vice versa, yet became the stereotypical idiot sidekick more and more as the series continued.

Now, I'm not about to start a discussion on the topic. I just wanted to ask if someone had more foresight than myself and saved a copy of the document. And if yes, whether you, wise and generous person, would be willing to e-mail it to me. If there are such a person, I'll PM my address to them. Thanks. :)

I hope a request like this is allowed. If not, holler at me, and I'll remove the post.
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Like it says above! I have read a couple on AO3 where John is Canadian and assumed to be fake (refer previous post by another). Any other stories out there?
12 February 2017 @ 11:23 pm
This one had Sherlock contacting John for help in a case, much to John's initial confusion. As time progressed, John was eventually contacted by Mycroft by planting messages in John's "Roll up the Rim" coffee cups. ("Roll up the Rim" is sold for a few months every year at the Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton's. Once you drink your coffee, you roll the rim up to reveal text saying whether you've won a prize.) When I'd read this I cracked up laughing! John eventually becomes Sherlock's boyfriend.

If anyone would help me find this or provide a copy I would be very grateful.
Thank you.

EDIT: Well, this is embarrassing. Just after I posted this I found it. For those who haven't read it, enjoy.

The Dangerous Edge of Things aka Sherlock Holmes has a Boyfriend who lives in Canada
by dreamingrain
09 February 2017 @ 06:34 pm
I'm looking for a rape fic based on The Great Game, I think. It's not Reaction, btw.

I can't remember if it's John that rapes Sherlock or vice versa, but Moriarty makes one of them tell the other how much they want to be fucked and it's only after it's all over that the other one realizes that Moriarty was controlling the whole show.

FOUND: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/575.html?thread=1522239
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09 February 2017 @ 09:17 pm

I need your help! I lost a fic. The thing I remember is that when Mrs.Hudson said that a cabbie was waiting for Sherlock, John was the one to come down to talk with the killer. Cabbie mistakes John for Sherlock and they drive away. Can anyone help me? It was on Ao3. Thank you in advance!
09 February 2017 @ 06:52 am
I'm desperatly trying to get a copy of "One Hell Of A Birthday Present" by LapOtter. They've deleted all their Sherlock/Watson fics due to harassment. I totally support that, but I never saved a copy of that story and I haven't succeeded in contacting them!
If you have a copy of this fic PLEASE let me know!!! I am BEGGING here!!!!
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02 February 2017 @ 08:08 pm
Hi there,

I'm looking for a Johnlock fic that had John and Sherlock stranded on an island. What I remember has John swept overboard (during a storm?) Sherlock immediately springing after him. John was unconscious for a time while Sherlock struggled with the weight of his wet coat and keeping John alive til he woke. Then the story continued with their survival on an island, hunting seals. They ultimately made it home.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
02 February 2017 @ 12:29 am
Hey, so I'm new to this community, but have been looking around for a while. I was wondering if anyone knows of any fics where Sherlock and others stand up for John when someone else is making fun of him. I read this one recently - 5 times John was there for someone, and 1 time everyone was there for him on ff.net - and it was very good. Johnlock is fine, though nothing too explicit please. :)

Thanks so much!
01 February 2017 @ 09:21 pm
Hi! So, I've just had a few ideas, and I was wondering if anyone had any of these they could recommend me.

1) Sherlock with multiple personality disorder.

2) Sherlock with dissociative personality disorder

3) Sherlock with schizophrenia

4) Sherlock having multiple breakdowns- perhaps there was an incident and too much stress or anything causes him to just 'blow'

5) Sherlock and either Anderson or Donovan kidnapped, and Sherlock offers himself for any/everything/most things that would happen, as to not hurt the other person- causes great mental damage while they're there?

I would prefer these fics if they were at a crime scene, with Lestrade, Donovan or Anderson there to react?

Anyhow, thanks!